Amado teams up with his wife, theatre-artist Karen Lisondra, for didactic workshops and assemblies:

MISSION: To inspire curiosity and respect for world cultures, stimulate creativity, and promote a sense of togetherness through music in the classroom and beyond.

Amado’s World Music Odyssey

(Grades K – Adult)

Format: Interactive

Assembly Duration: 45 min

A fun, interactive concert that teaches children, youth, and adults about the discovery and migration of music, its importance in traditional cultures and communities, and how music can be used to promote respect and unity between people who are different.

Amado and Karen’s Junkyard Orchestra

(Grades K-Adult)

Format: Interactive Assembly

Duration: 45 min

Albert Einstein stated that “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. Amado and Karen’s Junkyard Orchestra cultivates this innate ability to explore, invent and create, preparing students for a lifetime of critical thinking and problem solving. In the assembly format we compare and contrast the recycled instruments to native instruments, exploring human resourcefulness and world cultures throughout the ages.

As a classroom workshop, students will have fun making instruments and making music together, consequently promoting resourcefulness, self-esteem and community building! Students will be asked to bring objects to re-purpose (like plastic bags or soda bottles) as well as supplies (scissors, tape, etc.) and materials to decorate their instruments.

Bilingual Jamboree (Grades pre-K – 2)

Format: Assembly or classroom

Duration: 45 min

Learning can be fun!!!! Designed for the little ones, Amado and Karen bring bilingual music, dance, storytelling and meditation to the classroom, library or event. Engaging the breath, the brain and the body, the Bilingual Jamboree is an unforgettable show inspiring self-esteem and cultural diversity!

For prices, booking, client list, or more information, please contact: [email protected] Teacher’s guides available upon request!