November 15, 2017
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Siyotanka Medium


Hummingbird Totem Limited Edition Series

This is a series with a hummingbird totem. In the Andes Mountains where I am from, and throughout the Americas, the hummingbird has the special task of reweaving the threads of
broken spirits and are symbols of love. So I thought this is a perfect time to bring more of these sacred beings into our world. Sculpting and instrument making is a meditative process for me, these hummingbirds are carved on a fragrant Central American Rosewood. The wood of the flute comes from the beautiful Jacaranda tree, which I brought in a limited quantity from Bolivia. Mythologically, the Jacaranda is associated with the Amazonian moon goddess for her wisdom. Each flute is hand-made and quality-verified. They are perfect for aligning your breath and soul to nature, wherever you may be. It is in the pentatonic scale in A minor (C major).

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Siyotankas: Bamboo, jacaranda or guayacán with mother of pearl incrustations, with custom made animal carving of your choice.

* Siyotanka Medium – Pentatonic scale of C

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