November 15, 2017
Storm Drum Large
November 15, 2017
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Kalimba large with resonance box


Musical instrument of African origin. Known by different names according to its region: Malimba, mbira (or sanza), kisaanji, tyitanzi, quisanche (quisanga), likembe, sansula, etc. Made with strips (usually metal or bronze) of different sizes which are hard yet flexible.

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Pentatonic, African scale or diatonic. Materials: coconut shell or gourd, with the top made of cedar, jacaranda, or pine. The strips are metal, and the bridge is also metal. Personalized decorations are available for an additional cost.

The wood I use is pine, cedar and some African woods.
Kalimba large with resonance box

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Kalimba wood without resonance box, Kalimba medium with resonance box, made with coconut, Kalimba large with resonance box