Mis 2 Lados  (My 2 Sides)

A compilation of his best compositions between 2003 and 2011, as a member of various musical grups:  TIMPANA, OIL, KUYASHA, A 2 LADOS, with the vocalist ANALIA ABAD, TRIBU KONÁ, ALMAS SILENCIOSAS, KAWALA (Arabic-Andean ensemble)

Recorded and Mixed at Quinto Sol Studios by Manuel Rocha.

Cochabamba, Bolivia  –  July 12, 2012

Samaicuna: Respirando Juntos

This album was recorded during the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2012) on the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.  It is a musical meditation about our ephemeral nature as man and eternal search for harmony, especially in moments of change, doubt, and uncertainty.

Production:  AEM Records Studio Cochabamba, Bolivia – December 21, 2012

We are The Landscape: 

We are the Landscape is a theatrical production of contemporary indigenous performance debuted in Kansas City, MO in 2016.
It is a map and a journey to our origins: Earth, wind, water, fire. The
songs on this album are inspired by the cultures of Meshica, Cherokee, Andean, and Filipino.
We pay homage to the indigenous wisdom and creativity of our all our ancestors and salute
all those past and present who work to restore a harmony between humankind and nature.

Production:  AEM Records Studio Kansas City, USA – December 9, 2016

Encuentros:  (Encounters)

“Encuentros” is an album of meditative songs created for the poetry of Anan Nodedt.  Each song is

centered around a reflection upon our human existence and our relationship to nature and each other.

Musical composer, Amado Espinoza, has created meditative musical atmospheres for over 20 years, connecting to the primordial elements through music and truthful living.

Production:  AEM Records Studio Kansas City, USA – January 18, 2020